A Sad Announcement from KSN Team

This is a horrible thing to have to say: ksnonline.org is closing. The live site will be closed in next few weeks. The website and forums will remain available until the middle of the next month, so all members of KSN can still communicate and find each other and save your data such as photo, forum, blog etc. Everything will become unavailable at the same time as the website closure.

Why KSN is closing?
For the last 2 years we are not getting sufficient contribution to cover yearly subscription. We need to pay INR 15,000 every year as a yearly subscription.

However, if anyone else who wants to see KSN alive and kicking and lend a hand, please let us know as soon as possible in our mail id ksnonline.org@gmail.com

Best Wishes

KSN Team


Babita Wants to be your Friend.

Started by Babita Mukhia in General. Last reply by rajkhemkbr 3 hours ago. 110 Replies

Being a good guy/girl to be around, you'll get more friends than you could ever imagine. So here are the steps, for if you have any friends, to follow to be a good one! Enjoy having this time because a lot of people need tips.LOL I need your tips.READ MORE

Tags: your, Friend., be, to, Wants

Is the name Gorkhaland Appropriate?

Started by selina rongmo in General. Last reply by saakal Feb 10, 2013. 20 Replies

 The Lepcha claim themselves the very indigenous race of the Sikkim and the Darjeeling Districts. They are the only the original inhabitants of these mentioned place. Everybody is in support for Gorkhaland I too support for the separate state But The nomenclature “ GORKHALAND’’ WHICH LITERALLY MEANS  the land of gorkhas Is it really appropriate? Don’t u think the name is a threat to their identity . The Lepcha appear to be a dying race or vanishing tribe. By keeping the name GORKHALAND DON’T U…READ MORE

Nude Modelling Bona Rai . Guys Opinion.

Started by Bernard Lama in General. Last reply by 3pd0gdwfbr2ls Sep 15, 2011. 33 Replies

I would have a problem with it. Nudity should be something special between partners. It would (in my mind) diminish that normally sacred and private show of body!Now, if I was involved with a woman I didn't totally care about or didn't think there was a future with her. No problem, knock yourself out!It's not about jealousy or insecurity, I just don't think highly of it!I am very interested to read your opinions!READ MORE

Tags: Guys, Opinion., ., Rai, Modelling

Marriage With Divorcee Women With Child!!

Started by Gavin Garbuja (Darkpunkboi) in General. Last reply by Prashan Jan 3, 2011. 34 Replies

Is This Fair? Can't We Give Her A Second Chance? Dil Khol Ke Jabab Di Jiyaga? K Cha Bichar?


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